Paulo Menezes is an artist/photographer based in Durban, South Africa. His creative practice is located in the realm of conceptual documentary photography, with a keen interest in the notion of process. A large portion of his work explores the built environment, allowing him to visually explore the foundations of a city and, more specifically, how people navigate through urban space. More recent works have explored mapping of spaces on a macro and micro level.

In 2013 Paulo completed a National Diploma in Photography through the Durban University of Technology.

Paulo is former Vice Chairperson of the Durban Centre for Photography (DCP) – a collective of photographers that have realized a number of exhibitions and projects, both locally and internationally. As well as facilitating educational programs, he took on the role of a mentor.

Paulo is also part of the team at dala alongside Creative Director doung Jahangeer. dala is a multi-disciplinary creative collective with a mandate towards social and spatial change through art-architecture.

In 2015 Paulo participated in Antoine D’Agata’s Studio Vortex residency in Arles, France. Here he would create a photographic series that explores the seaside hamlet of Beauduc, in the Camargue region of Southern France. A place of mystery and wonder, Beauduc and its makeshift dwellings were abandoned in the 1970s after a once-booming fishing industry suddenly depleted. The hamlet has remained lifeless ever since.

2016 saw him selected for the Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA) Open Office Research Residency in Johannesburg; subsequently creating a body of work that aims to investigate and develop new modes of rendering the built environment. Taking the form of a softcover book, the works, both visual and textual are the result of a sensory experience with the surface of an African metropolis, considering these surfaces from angles of image-making, civic movement and geo/topography.

Outside of his work with organisations, Paulo freelances as a photographer and educator. Paulo has participated in a number of exhibitions to date.