43° 24′ 11″ N 4° 35′ 19″ E

The silent moonscape – with the tide; inhaling, exhaling
Lines cut through silver saltpans, echoing an existence, once
Footsteps weary
The golden heart beat, pulsating on the latent horizon

43° 24′ 11″ N 4° 35′ 19″ E is a photographic series that explores the seaside hamlet of Beauduc, in the Camargue region of Southern France. A place of mystery and wonder, Beauduc and its makeshift dwellings were abandoned in the 1970s after a once-booming fishing industry suddenly depleted. The hamlet has remained lifeless ever since.

Through the work, the wanderer explores the traces of human existence that rest on the isolated moonscape and the psychology of this phenomenon.